As a young man Picasso (Spain, 1881–1973) got inspired by Iberian and African art. Compelled to make something new he left the conventional way of making art behind and created Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907)A portrait of five prostitutes looking provocative at you, some with an african mask-face. Their bodies are wild, sharp and geometric. This painting was the first step to what we now know as cubism and the modern way of painting.

Les Demoiselles d_Avignon

When I visited the MoMa (New York) and came across this painting the first thing I noticed was how big it is. It measures 243.9 by 233.7 cm. There’s a lot of pink, because of all the nakedness. A strange beat is the bowl of fruit on the bottom that mimics the shapes of the women.

This is a painting to put on your bucket list.