TAKING THE STAIRS – Francesc Macià Monument

Walking around the Plaça de Catalunya you can’t miss the monument to the first president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Francesc Macià i Llussà (1859-1933).

The sculpture was made by Josep Maria Subirachs (1991). Born in Barcelona in 1927, he wanted to be an architect but because of a poor background sculpting became his passion and means to earn a living. In the beginning his sculptures were expressive with strange angled bodies and he used different textures of the same materials. After time his art became more abstract which was followed by the use of architectural elements. His skills as a sculptor kept on developing untill he had to stop because of a degenerative disease. He died in 2014.

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This monument to Macià is an upside-down staircase suggesting the unfinished and ongoing construction of Catalonia. In front of the monument is a bronze bust of  the former leader.

When you’re waiting for your bus tour of the city of Barcelona take a minute and walk around this big piece of art, it will be worth it.

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