In the 1960’s there was a booming economy and the beginning of a mass culture resulting in a second industrial revolution. The world of design followed promptly.

Plastic became the element of choice. Its a material that’s not expensive and can be manufactured in all shapes and colors, it was everything popculture was waiting for. Furniture, tableware and complete rooms were dreamed up by artist fueled by the leisure culture and the first steps in space travel.

After a while some artists were questioning if capitalism and mass consumption were dictating how things are created and so Contra- and Antidesign was born. Design was given a political voice again.

In the beginning of the 1970’s plastic fall in disgrace because of the petroleum crisis (the source material for making plastic). These days plastic has become more environment friendly and recyclable and its making a comeback. So don’t give up on this once beloved material just yet!

Second photo: Boomerang (1970) by Maurice Calka.
Third photo: Eléphant (1966) by Bernard Rancillac.
Fourth photo en top: Homme (1985, 1st edit. 1971) by Ruth Francken.
Last photo: Zombie (1967) by Roger Tallon.