Rembrandt was born in 1606 in Leiden, the Netherlands. He didn’t lead a very happy life, he lost his wife, children and his fortune. He died bankrupt in 1669 and was buried in Amsterdam. Nevertheless he gave the world lots of beautiful and historical paintings.

Rembrandt is known for his high contrast paintings, portraits, etchings and drawings. And of course the Night Watch (de Nachtwacht) which is displayed in Het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (

But be aware, sometimes he signed his name on paintings made by his students.

First photo. “Portret van Rembrandt met ringkraag”, after c. 1629. It’s a copy of a selfportrait of Rembrandt made by one of his students.

Second photo. “Tronie van een man met gevederde baret”, c. 1635-1640. This is not a portrait but a tronie or a depiction of a soldier.


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